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Coaching is not just for CEOs. If we want truly inspirational leaders then coaching should be a part of the journey - not a reward at the end.


People are unique. If no two people are the same then why would we expect them to think the same way, solve challenges the same way, develop in the same way or lead in the same way. Diversity of thought is what drives change. Workplaces and communities are enriched when diverse people come together and are able to challenge, question and support one another. We have to begin with personal leadership, taking charge of our own lives and choices, and once we understand this we can progress to leading others. 


This passion for developing diverse minds began with my teaching career in East London 21 years ago. After many years of teaching and researching how we learn, I completed a postgraduate certificate in Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. I did this training whilst I was working as an Assistant Head leading teaching and learning in a large primary school in Tower Hamlets, London. As a result of my training I worked with a team to develop a sustainable coaching culture throughout the school. I began coaching middle leaders to develop their leadership, children to develop confidence and to solve relational difficulties with their peers. I adapted my teaching practice, developing a coaching approach to support learners to take more ownership of how they learn.


This learning journey convinced me of the power of coaching and I now work in Education, Business and the Third Sector coaching individuals and teams to learn to lead themselves and others thus creating cultures where all voices are respected and listened to and all people have agency to be change makers.

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