meet jo

Welcome to Jo Castro Coaching, a certified coaching service designed to bring out the strengths in individuals, businesses and organisations but also schools, teachers, students and young children. 

When was the last time you were asked about your strengths? This is one of the questions I ask everyone I work with. The response is often awkward and even faced with this question the person will begin by telling me in detail about their weaknesses. This is because we have been constantly told that to make progress or to improve something we have to find out what we can't do and get better at it. When we focus on what we cannot do, our mood lowers and we can feel helpless and far from motivated to make change. When we focus on what we are good at we are reminded of our achievements and successes and discover how we can use the strengths we have to get better at something else. 

I have worked in Education as a teacher and senior leader for over 18 years and whilst working as a senior leader the school I was in went into Special Measures. As a plan to improve the school I was trained by the Headteacher to coach. In just three terms I led a team using a coaching approach to improve teaching. In just three terms the school moved from Special Measures to Outstanding. The staff remained the same the difference was that we empowered people to think for themselves and reflect upon their individual practice in order to determine how to improve. I went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology at The University of East London and trained in Brief Solution Focused Coaching. I used these skills to create a coaching culture throughout the school

I now provide coaching and coaching training in education, the third sector and business. I coach individuals and groups of leaders in variety of settings and I never tire of the privilege of being alongside someone when they discover that they do have the answers and they do know how to achieve their goals.

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