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Welcome to Jo Castro Coaching, a certified coaching service designed to bring out the strengths in individuals, businesses and organisations but also schools, teachers, students and young children.   


I have worked in Education as a teacher and Senior Leader for 18 years. I have always loved the moment when you witness someone truly think and discover something for themselves.


Unfortunately, in schools as well as business we are often over directed and shown or told how to do something without being enabled to think for ourselves. This can lead to  In 2013 I worked in a school that was in Special Measures. Everyone on the staff felt low, frightened and guilty for letting the children down and when we were informed a new Headteacher would be taking over we were all anxious.


Luckily for us an amazing woman called Wendy Hick turned up and I have never looked back. Instead of looking for what had gone wrong and who was to blame Wendy gathered all of the staff together and asked, “What are your strengths?”.  I became part of the Leadership team that used coaching to improve the school. I gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology at The University of East London and trained in Brief Solution Focused Coaching. The school became one of only two Primary Schools that have improved from Special Measures to Outstanding in just three terms!


Having experienced the power of coaching with adults I began coach the older pupils as well.  I adapted my teaching to use a coaching approach and developed a peer coaching programme to improve teaching practice. I now provide coaching training in education and business. I coach individuals and groups of leaders in variety of settings and I never tire of the privilege of being alongside someone when they discover that they do have the answers and they do know how to achieve their goals.

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