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Just some of the positive feedback from Jo Castro Coaching sessions . . .


"I can honestly say that meeting Jo and having sessions with her has completely shifted the way that I see myself and how I approach periods of stress, anxiety and indecision in my life. From the first, I felt completely comfortable and safe to share my worries and vulnerabilities knowing I wasn’t being judged at all."

Jessica Webb, London

"Whether you’re looking for someone to help with work, family, parenting, health issues, confidence, life balance, setting goals or have reached a crossroads in life, Jo’s compassionate, non-judgmental, firm but kind approach to coaching comes highly recommended. I can’t praise Jo enough."

Sonya Patel Ellis, author and editor, London

"Children who have worked with Jo have always known that it was their choice to attend the sessions, and all did so willingly. Following the coaching sessions, children who had attended had developed their resilience and confidence most notably. Their ability to deal with and discuss issues was also improved. As the Learning Leader of Year 6, I found the sessions to be extremely helpful for the children personally, but also positively impacted their ability to cope in classroom situations too. I would thoroughly recommend Jo’s skills as a coach."

Mags Phelan, Year 6 Learning Leader, Park Primary School, Newham

“It has been my favourite training ever – Thank you.”

“The training has given me an appreciation for how powerful every question can be. I rarely ask a question without really thinking about it.”

“I am now more confident when I need to deal with children’s problems on the playground and how to encourage children’s learning in the classroom.”

“I have improved my listening. I allow pauses and time for children to think and explain more.”

Learning Coaches Training at University of Cambridge Primary School, 2018

“So many fantastic and insightful ideas and techniques to pick up and run with. Brilliant session.”

“Super session, inspirational, educational and fun – Thank you!”

Feedback from Peer Mediators Networking Workshop


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