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what is coaching?

Coaching is about empowering individuals to realise their potential through setting their own goals and finding their own solutions to challenges they may face on the way to achieving those goals. People lead busy lives and rarely take time to stop, think and reflect. Coaching provides that time and space.


I establish a positive relationship with my clients and provide an environment for them to think and be listened to without judgement. I question to provide friendly challenge and provoke deeper thinking in order to enable my clients to find solutions or make decisions that will work for them.


My approach is solution focused and builds upon my clients’ strengths, however I have trained in a range of coaching approaches and adapt my approach according to the needs of the client. I coach people in person, via video conferencing, or on the phone. Some clients prefer to walk and talk and I have Wanstead Flats on my doorstep to provide a quiet space

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